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We are Miami’s finest mattress discounters

Miami Mattress Sale was founded in 2012 as a mattress discounters, but our beginning started in 2000 with small classified ads offering customers home delivery of mattresses. We’ve come a long way since those modest beginnings. Over the years our name is synonymous with the most competitive prices with impeccable service and delivery of a good night’s sleep. We have a reputation of treating our customers honestly and fairly, which is reflected in the highest rates of repeat and referred business in the entire industry. Discover how easy and convenient your next mattress purchase can really be, right here at Miami Mattress Sale.

Our Sales Team

sales_20team-300x200Our dedicated sales team members are readily available and are ready to serve your mattress needs. Our professionally trained sales team is on hand to assure the quality and effectiveness of your mattress purchase. From product knowledge and integration for purchasing decisions, placement and training, and follow up with additional training and expanding needs, they can help with all of your needs.

You are dealing with professionals that will assist you in choosing the best mattress to fit your needs. mattress discounters